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Superfreeze India (Hyderabad) is the leading Ammonia Valves Suppliers in Hyderabad

Superfreeze India produces the India's First of its kind Ammonia Valves with Long Lasting Non-Metallic Front & Back Sealing.

We are the Ammonia Valves Suppiers in Hyderabad supplying these Valves in varieties like Weld-In-Line Valves & Cast Iron Valves.

Superfreeze India's Ammania Valves are manufactured in the state of the art manufacturing facility and supplier across the country through its authorised distributor network. 

Weld-In-Line Valves

Superfreeze offers the valve of the millennium which is an innovative weldable stop valve for refregratioin, Air Conditioning, Chemical Plants and other Industrial Applications. They are directly welded on th epipe lines, there by elimination the flanged or screwed jints. All valves have non-metallic front & back seating.


Low Pressure Drop: Due to the weld-in-line valves innovative design, both blobe and angle valves have got the same pressure drom as the conventional angle valve.

Ease of Installation: Can be selded without removing bonnet. Only the valve should be in open position.

Light Weight & Compact: Can steel results in light weight and high structural integrity. Due to the compact design, it requires very less space than conventional valves.

Leak Proof Sealing: Non-metallic special polymer seal and taper seat provides leak proof sealing.

Easy Maintenance: Gland packing can be replaced with system under pressure

Eliminates leakage from flanged or screwed joints.

Cast Iron Valves

The special demands of Regrigeration and Industrial climatization systems, on valves and fittings, within the refrigeration cyvle such as high external tightness, good possibility of insulation etc. require special valve construction. Our Globe Valves, Angle Valves, Check Valves, Safety Valves, Strainer Valves etc. from the house of Super meet these challenging demands. Super offers a complete range of valves for industrial refrigeration. The strudy construction, quality materials and accuracy of machining assure reliable and efficient operation.

All valves are made with front and back seating. The special polymer material seal rings provided at both ends facilitate positive shut-off with hand tightening. There is no need to use wrench etc. to lighten the valves which can damange the seats.


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