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Raj Enterprises is one of the leading Cricket Practice Nets Dealers in Vijayawada.

In the present world the popularity for the outdoor sports is increasing day by day. The outdoor sports like Cricket, Batmenton, tennies, football, hocky required a lot of space and it is difficult to manage the same in small places like appartment terrace etc.

Raj Enterpriese is specialised in providing netting solutions for the outdoor sports and games. We are the specialists for Cricket Practice Net Delers in Vijayawada. With the increasing demand for the Cricket Practice Nets we manage and install the Cricket Practice Nets at the location.

We are the Cricket Practice Nets Dealers in Vijayawada to provide the netting services for all outdoor games and sports as per the customers requirement. We have already executed and installed these Cricket Practice Nets in various grounds in the area.

For Cricket Practice Nets Dealers in Vijayawada contact:

Mr. John Philips

Raj Enterprises

#17-4-3, David Street, Purnanandampet, Vijayawada - 520003

Mobile: 8333055563 / 9912280777 / 9640269252