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LDO Suppliers in Hyderabad

Techno C Enterprises is one of the largest LDO Suppliers in Hyderabad.

We are the leading Light Diesel Oil Suppliers in Hyderabad. We are in to this trade of Diesel Oils since 2015. The company is managed by exprienced professionals who have good experience in the industry of Oil Trading. 

Light Diesel Oil or LDO is used in high performance machines which requires high quality oil for smoother performance of the machine in the long run. At Techno C Enterprises we supply high quality Light Diesel Oil LDO Suppliers in Hyderabad.

We are the LDO Suppliers in Hyderabad which provides superior performance for the machhines and protect the engines and maintains them in good and healthy conditions which increases the life of the machine spares and the engines.

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Techno C Enterprises

G-3, Moorthis Nest, Road No.5, Budda Nagar , Near Uppal, Hyderabad - 500039

Mobile: 8125252338 / 8500777719