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Unik Hangers is the Manufacturers of the Roof Hangers in Hyderabad. Roof hanger is designed for a flexible handling of your clothes with care. The Roof Hanger is made up of steel pipes. Each pipe can be lowered to hand the wet clothes and can be restored on top again as this serves the purpose and saves lot of space as this is restored back to the top with the level of your ceiling. Silent Features of Roof Hangers: * Roof Hangers free space and saves the space * Allows ventilation in to your home without any obstruction * Protects clothes from direct sunlight * Easy to handle the dry clothes from sudden rain and winds * The Stainless Steel make of the rack protects from rust and stains. * Clothes will never sags, creases & folds, clips are not required * Roof Hangers are perfect solutions for Apartments, Bungalows, Hotels, Hostels etc. * Easy to operate by every one * Enhance the beauty of your house by not having dry clothes outside. * Looks tidy, elegant and represent by luxury accessory for every house hold. All the products are manufactured at our facility of Roof Hangers in Hyderabad. We use quality steel for the Roof Hangers to protect your cloths from Rust Stains. We are the Sole Manufacturers of the Roof Hangers in Hyderabad. For all your inquiries related to the Roof Hangers in Hyderabad feel free to contact: M.Purushotham Unik Hangers 1-2-597/30/B, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad - 500080 Mobile: 9032035689 .