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SR Water Solutions - established in the year 2002 is the leading supplier of water treatment components in Hyderabad. 

Our Services:-

  • Domestic RO mineral water plants for home, office, restaurant, laboratory, clinic, hospital etc.
  • Drinking water filtration systems with and without UV for home use
  • Water softening plants for hard water for applications like industry, laundry, boiler, soft drink plant, ice factory etc.
  • Supply of spares and components for water treatment industry
  • Mineral water plant based on reverse osmosis technology suitable for bottled water plants, beverage industries, village plants, swimming pools, pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, green houses, farm houses, and poultry farms.



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Hyderabad,Telangana,India,#5-2-6, Opp. Bansilalpet Kaman, Near Bible House,R.P Road, Secunderabad,Hyderabad,500003,India


040-64633999 / 88858

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