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Frequently Asked Questions


Does charge service fee?

We charge only for the promotional activities and do not charge or receive any commission for the commercial activities from members


Do I have to register an account if I want to send Inquiry on

Yes, customer needs to be registered to have Inquiry posted. Client registration will authenticate that Inquiry is real & Genuine.


How do I know if my email address has been registered on or not?

Customer needs to have registered with email ID and if you have message as registered then, email Id is new else already registered


Can I set up an account without a phone number?

No, we cannot register an account without email ID and Mobile number. Mobile no and email Id will be used to communicate with customer regularly for various inquiries and other communication.






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We,, have been launched with objective of showcasing Small Medium Enterprises products across cities and targeted customers. We are connecting UNCONNECTED enterprises across India through this portal. We shall showcase business products and services across segment & cities…


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