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Egg Trays 9701454686


Description :

Products Features: 
•    100% Recycled - made from pre-consumer and post-consumer products, saving both energy and resources
•    Cost Optimality - cost efficient compare to other protective packaging
•    Space-saving Design - nestable and stackable, saving storage space
•    User-friendly Design - easy assembly and handling
•    Eco-friendly Design - completely recyclable and biodegradable
•    Temperature Resistant - unaffected by extremes in temperature
•    Low Raw Material Cost - pulp is made from 100% recycled paper
•    Highly Resistant to Shocks - highly resistant to shocks if dropped and from transit vibration
•    Liquid Proof trays preventing broken egg from spreading microbes and spoiling other eggs during transportation from poultry to End customer.
•    Chemically treated trays to kill microbes and expand Egg life.

Product Specification

  • we provide Egg trays in 16 LBS,17 LBS & 20 LBS


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