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Description :

GALVALUM: GALVALUM sheets are shortly called for Galvanized Aluminium – Zinc Coated sheets

GI COLOUR COATED SHEET sheets are shortly called for Galvanized Iron Colour Coated sheets

The colour steel roof sheet is the most suitable roofing material for construction and prepared with modern technology of higher life, stronger and secure. It is designed by the traditional style with beautiful waves, and the special performance which can be changed color by the sunlight ray on the printed top surface will make these roofs into a higher-grade. They are coated & finished with number of layers as depicted in the following picture.

Corrugated sheets are roll formed by roll forming machines, the thickness and color can be different, these panels are featured with easy installation, high strength, more economic (low cost) GI/ GALVALUM Colour Coated sheets are used in steel fabricated structures. (Applications for factory, booth, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema and supermarket and so on.)

Accessories of Glazing & Roofing:

We Have EPDM Rubber Gaskets That Are Used In

  • Glass Work
  • Structural Glazing
  • Engineering Works
  • Skylights and
  • Roofing works ETC

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