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Description :

MAIN SHELL: The main fabrication of the structural frame work shall be integral & all welded type to comprise of the bottom frame, overall frame work, internal, external cladding with insulation and other peripherals. Sloping self-draining roof and desired door-window, A/C openings etc.

BASE FRAME: The main bottom (Base) frame is fabricated and welded M S pressed steel channel sections/rolled steel channel sections, and all the inter connecting cross members shall also be of steel channels duly welded lengthwise & breadth wise and conveniently equispaced.

FLOORING: 16 MM Thick Cement bonded Particle Board shall be fixed with suitable fasteners to the bottom frame.

SIDE & END WALLS: The exterior cladding of the shell shall be of M S Pressed steel vertical corrugated sheets of 1.2mm and shall be welded to the bottom M S Channel frame, corner posts, top frame & roof frame. The